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The barbershop used to be more than just a place to get a haircut or shave; it was a hub of the community where people came together to bond, to socialize and to exchange ideas. With the goal of bringing this camaraderie back in style, Blind Barber, a barber shop and parlor with locations in New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY, has created a concept that goes well beyond cuts and shaves. By cultivating a men’s grooming line, an influential voice, and multiple destinations, Blind Barber has expanded into all realms of the modern man: grooming, cocktails, fashion, and lifestyle.

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Entrepreneur: Here's the Key to Fostering Community
Jeff Laub, Adam Kirsch and Josh Boyd founded the Blind Barber five years ago, but they didn't want to go the traditional route...
Mark Bollman, founder of Ball and Buck
Mark Bollman, Founder and CEO of heritage brand Ball & Buck, stops by the barbershop to discuss his inspiration for the brand...
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