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The barbershop used to be more than just a place to get a haircut or shave; it was a hub of the community where people came together to bond, to socialize and to exchange ideas. With the goal of bringing this camaraderie back in style, Blind Barber, a barber shop and parlor with locations in New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY, has created a concept that goes well beyond cuts and shaves. By cultivating a men’s grooming line, an influential voice, and multiple destinations, Blind Barber has expanded into all realms of the modern man: grooming, cocktails, fashion, and lifestyle.

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Fall Classic 2015
We are the champions once again! We'd like to thank Liberty Fairs for always being a worthy opponent, Fall Classic NYC and Nike...
The Retailers - Grand Street Bakery
We headed out to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to drop in on The Grand St. Bakery.