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Blind Barber x Arlo Hotels
Now when you stay in New York, it's easier to Stay Handsome. We recently partnered with Arlo SoHo Hotel to supply their guests with Blind Barber amenities and products. Find out more about Arlo SoHo here.
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Entrepreneur: Here's the Key to Fostering Community

Jeff Laub, Adam Kirsch and Josh Boyd founded the Blind Barber five years ago, but they didn't want to go the traditional route. Instead, the created a barbershop for men fused with a café and lounge. The result is a chill place to get your hair cut, a shave and hang out while sipping on a coffee or cocktail.

Today, the pair has three locations (two in New York City, one in Los Angeles) as well as a men's grooming product line available online and in stores like Barneys New York.

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Mens' Grooming 2015 Award: Blind Barber Lemongrass Tea Shampoo
The best hair and skin-care products for men: These are the shaving creams, body washes, and exfoliators for product junkies who call beauty "grooming." The coconut oil in Blind Barber Lemongrass Tea Shampoo + Body Wash leaves hair and skin so smooth, we're now pilfering his products.

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Urban Outfitters: Jeff Laub
Founded on the idea that guys need a cool place to kick back and hang out, Blind Barber was originally intended to be another Manhattan speakeasy. But under the eye of co-founder Jeff Laub and his partners Josh Boyd and Adam Kirsch, it turned into something much more. Now with three locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles, Jeff and co. have created spaces for guys to look sharp, feel sharp, and stay sharp, blending the traditional barber shop with an extended grooming product line and speakeasy-style bars and cafés. We stopped into the original Blind Barber location in the East Village to chat with Jeff about how the shop came to be, what his grooming regimen consists of, and which of his favorite NYC joints he finds himself at when not at Blind Barber.

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You Want a Cappuccino With That Haircut?

The Williamsburg location of Blind Barber, where $45 haircuts are offered alongside 10 types of beer, including four varieties on tap, and cappuccinos made with Blue Bottle coffee and prepared in an airy cafe adjacent to the hairdressing space. Along with his drink order, Mr. Livingston gets a trim while seated in one of four vintage salon chairs.

“It’s a nice spot to kind of catch your breath,” he said. “For guys, especially in a place like New York, it’s important to have an environment like that, where you can just kind of de-stress, chill and talk.”

Blind Barber’s co-founder Jeff Laub said: “It’s not just about making $3 on a coffee. That coffee is supposed to start a conversation, develop a friendship and then hopefully spark something else.”

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The Retailers: Odin

Last week we headed down the block from our East Village location and checked in with our good friends over at Odin New York. Located in the heart of the East Village, their 11th street location is filled with a great selection of clothing, shoes and accessories from various high-end menswear brands, including their own line and Blind Barber's.

Learn more about Odin and shop all their collections at here

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Blind Barber at Sundance
A week in beautiful Park City, Utah, cutting hair at the Sundance Film Festival. 
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We recently visited our Williamsburg neighbors and Blind Barber retailer, Gant Rugger. Located on North 6th St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this beautiful store is filled with classic clothing and accessories from the Gant collections and offers a fully stocked bar and kitchen, providing a truly unique retail experience. Be sure to pay them a visit next time you're in the Williamsburg area. 
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Spencer Mandell
‪#‎TheRegimen‬ photo series highlights inspiring individuals who derive creativity, happiness, and success from their daily routine. Today, we follow director and photographer, Spencer Mandell as he strolls through Manhattan and Brooklyn, discovering sources of creative inspiration along the way. This is #TheRegimen of Spencer Mandell.
Blind Barber x Dockers Pop Up
We recently brought out barber chair and products to the beautiful Dockers Pop-Up shop at 25 Howard Street in SoHo. 
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We are proud and excited to announce that we've opened our third Blind Barber location! Come say hi to your new neighbors at 524 Lorimer St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Stay Handsome!
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NYFW 2014
Blind Barber cutting and styling for NYFW. 
Blind Barber x Ernest ALexander "Sheffield" Dopp Kit
The "Sheffield" Dopp Kit is a limited edition collaboration between Blind Barber and GQ-named Best Menswear Designer 2013, Ernest Alexander. The kit is made from heritage bull calf leather and is lined with a traditional barber cape. 
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The Retailers: Carson Street Clothiers
Matt Breen and Brian Trunzo are the founders of Carson Street Clothiers, a luxury, multi-brand menswear retailer located in the heart of SoHo. This week, we stopped by to say hello to our long time friends and to check out the impeccably curated store.
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The Retailers - Grand Street Bakery
We headed out to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to drop in on The Grand St. Bakery - the most beautifully curated Vintage General Store in all the land!  Check 'em out at 602 Grand St.
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More Than Just a Barber Shop

A co-worker, having never been, described it as “a hipster barbershop.”

In truth, the Blind Barber, located on 10th Street between Avenues A and B, in the heart of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, is a spot for dudes, maybe even bros, but chic ones... 

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Stay Handsome: Chris Algieri
A few months back, we launched the Blind Barber: Stay Handsome series with a print advertisement of undefeated professional boxer Chris Algieri, which appeared in the most recent issue of Bullett Magazine. Although only one image went to print, Photographer Dan McMahon (www.mcmahonphotography.com) also captured Chris in a timeless series of photos leading up to and throughout Chris's most challenging fight to date. Check out Dan McMahon's photo story here:
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At Blind Barber in Culver City, shaves, haircuts and drinks

At a new, clean, classically styled barbershop in Culver City, the three young owners sit in the sun coming through their open storefront window talking women, restaurants and booze. Casual and welcoming, the attitude is akin to that of a clubhouse — a community hangout as in times past. It helps that their shop, the Blind Barber, is also a bar...

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10 Essentials: The Blind Barber's Jeff Laub

Jeff Laub is a beauty-school dropout and would-be lawyer who started The Blind Barber, one of the very few barbershops that actually get us excited about a haircut. It wasn't long ago that Laub was working 9-5 at a law firm he'd joined fresh out of college, attending cosmetology school at night, and writing his Blind Barber business plan in whatever time he had left. Shortly after shaking hands with future partners Josh Boyd and Adam Kirsch, Laub dropped out and quit his day job to set up shop in the East Village. Now, Laub is out west opening the L.A. branch of his barbershop-cum-speakeasy.

In addition to opening the L.A. outpost this spring, the Blind Barber is releasing their new line of alcohol-infused grooming products in their shops and online store next week. Read on for Laub's favorite things which (spoiler alert!) do not include sitting in a classroom.

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You may have already stopped into the Blind Barber for a haircut, or for a beer, or for both at the same time. The barber shop/bar/hang out spot has proven to be aces for all three, but I only learned that recently when I brought Opening Ceremony NY’s manager Jon there to get a fresh summer cut...

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At the Blind Barber, a Haircut and a Drink
With all the high-minded attention these days to which drinks suit which foods, a set of more pressing, fundamental questions about proper pairings gets lost. Does bourbon, vodka or quite possibly grain alcohol go best with a mullet, and what’s the right tonic for a buzz cut?...

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